Flexible and classy premises.

Our premises are tailored to your needs. They provide seating for groups from two up to 160 persons and an appropriate framework for any occasion.

The Club Room with about 60 sqm features a classy ambiance with Italian chandeliers and semi high wood paneling on the walls. It can be separated for meetings. Large panoramic windows with a view into the park provide sufficient daylight if required.

For larger events we recommend our Park Hall. About 150 sqm in size this room provides a generous atmosphere with a view into nature. The Park Hall can also be separated and therefore provides a suitable room for any occasion.
Apart from the conference rooms our comfortable wine bar and our outdoor terrace are also at your disposal for more casual meetings. Parallel to our terrace you will find our breakfast room, equally equipped with large panoramic windows facing the Salin gardens. As of noon the breakfast room can also be used for breaks or receptions.

All rooms are furnished with wireless internet access and standard technical equipment. Our house provides both services free of charge.

Additional information:
Overview room sizes and suggestions on seating arrangements